Kim Kardashian Addresses Kanye West's Pro-Trump 'SNL' Speech: 'I'll Never Try to Change Him'

In September, Kanye West appeared on Saturday Night Live and went on a pro-Donald Trump rant after the show, instantly prompting backlash.

During Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, West's wife, Kim Kardashian, addressed the moment, explaining that whatever West says, she'll always support him.

“I know that Kanye is always going to be Kanye and I’m never trying to change that,” she told sister Kourtney Kardashian in the car on the way home from the show. “I mean, that’s who I fell in love with and I’m not trying to change who is.”

The mom of three later discussed West's impromptu speech during a dinner at which her husband was not present.

“North, you can host next time,” Kris Jenner said after Kim told her mom that her oldest daughter, 5-year-old North, was "dancing up a storm" at the show.

“I don’t know if they’ll invite us back ever,” the KKW Beauty founder added with a laugh.

“Did he do a rant at the end?” Jenner questioned of West.

“At the end, yes, but the credits were rolling,” Kim replied. “I can’t control it.”

The episode also saw West claim his family was moving to Chicago, something Kim found out about on social media.

“I get that Kanye is really excited about Chicago,” she said. “He just needs a change of scene. I totally respect that, but I can’t really imagine moving to Chicago. I think I’m going to kind of ride it out and see it through, because with him I just always want to make sure that this is what he wants to do. Then we make a real, informed decision.”

The family ultimately ended up purchasing a home in the Windy City but remains based in Los Angeles, a compromise Kim presented to her husband during the episode due to the fact that their two older children, North and Saint, are in school.

“I don’t want to uproot them from all of their friends and their routine and their cousins and everything,” she told him. “I just think that it would be amazing to have a second place in Chicago and if you need to spend more time out there that’s totally fine, but I think it would be really hard just to take the kids and leave and permanently move to Chicago.”

“We’re not going to move full-time,” West eventually conceded. “But we will spend time [there], because that’s my home, too.”


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Photo Credit: Getty / Roy Rochlin