Khloe Kardashian Transforms Into Mom Kris Jenner, Looks Just Like Her in Photo

Khloe Kardashian's new look is sure to leave fans doing a double-take. Why? Well, the Revenge Body star had some fun impersonating her mom, Kris Jenner, on the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And Khloe, wearing a wig resembling Kris' classic pixie cut, has never looked more like the momager.

Khloe really nailed her impersonation of the KarJenner family matriarch. The reality star donned a black wig and a recreation of one of Kris' chic gold and black looks to get into character.

"Tonight on the finale of #kuwtk !!" she wrote, captioning a slideshow of photos comparing herself to Kris. "It's safe to say I had WAYYYY too much fun being the Kris Jenner!! She's so fabulous! PS I never thought I looked so similar to my mom until I put on this wig."

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Khloe didn't just dress the part, she also did a spot-on impersonation of Kris during KUWTK. As seen in a clip from the show, Khloe can be heard saying (in her best Kris voice), "Why do you think I'm drunk all the time? My girls always bicker. And so, I need something to take the edge off."

Of course, Khloe wasn't the only member of the family who got in on the impersonating fun. Kris transformed into Khloe by donning a long blonde wig and an all-black ensemble. She even perfected her "Okurrr!" to go along with her look.

Kourtney Kardashian dressed up as Kim Kardashian. And, naturally, her look was Kanye West-approved. Kourtney told the camera on KUWTK, "My pants are Yeezy. My shoes are Yeezy. I have seven stylists who put me in sweats and leggings."

Kim, in turn, did her best to embody her older sister, Kourtney. At one point in the show, she even joked about how her sister frequently discusses her focus on family, as she said, "Using the mom card every second."

Even Kendall Jenner had a little bit of fun by impersonating her younger sister, Kylie Jenner. To play up her Kylie impersonation, Kendall wore a multi-colored wig, one that her sister would definitely wear herself, and even implementing the use of one of the makeup mogul's lip kits. Although... Kendall hasn't yet perfected her use of the Kylie Cosmetics makeup kit.

Kendall's "Kylie" even got the approval of the real Kylie, as the model FaceTimed her younger sister to show off her new look. In response, the Life of Kylie star told her sibling, "You look cute as Kylie."

As previously mentioned, all of these impersonations played out on the Season 17 finale of KUWTK, which aired on Dec. 15. The show will return for Season 18 but a premiere date has not yet been announced.


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