Kevin Hart Supports Steve Harvey Amid Miss Universe Backlash

In the midst of his latest Miss Universe controversy, Steve Harvey can count on one famous friend [...]

In the midst of his latest Miss Universe controversy, Steve Harvey can count on one famous friend to have his back. On Twitter, Kevin Hart voiced his support for the game show host. Harvey, in turn, responded to the message with a kind tweet of his own.

On Dec. 9, a day after the Miss Universe backlash emerged, Harvey posted a video about dealing with negativity and difficult times. Given the drama stemming from his recent hosting stint for the beauty pageant, it's definitely an interesting video to take note of.

"Now listen, bad things are gonna happen to you. That's life," he explained in the clip. He went on to say that he dealt with personal tragedy as his best friend had passed. But, he continued, "Life is 10% what happens to you. It's 90% what you do about it. Quit trippin' every time something negative happens. It's the step to the next level. You got to pass tests. You can't have a testimony without no test."

Hart couldn't help but agree with the host's sentiment.

"Love you too," Harvey responded.

In case you missed the Miss Universe pageant, Harvey, who hosted the special, has recently come under fire for a joke that he made during the Dec. 8 broadcast. According to PEOPLE, Harvey first made a joke about "cartels" in his opening monologue. Later in the program, when talking to Miss Colombia Gabriela Tafur, the host addressed the 2015 incident when he mistakenly crowned Miss Colombia the winner of the Miss Universe pageant instead of Miss Phillippines.

While Tafur told Harvey that she forgives him for the mistake, he said that the "cartels" had not.

"You forgive me. Yeah, they haven't, not the cartel," he said. "They're not handling it the same way."

His line drew immediate backlash from those on social media.

"I felt so uncomfortable when [Steve Harvey] mentioned the cartels as a joke," one Twitter user wrote. "I can only imagine what [Gabriela Tafur] felt like. [Miss Universe] this is unacceptable and [Steve Harvey] needs to apologize."

Some fans even called for the Miss Universe organization to get another host for the yearly event because of Harvey's comments.

"can miss universe PLEASE get another host?" another fan wrote on Twitter. "steve harvey literally just made a CARTEL JOKE with miss colombia standing right next to him."

Harvey has yet to directly address the backlash. But, on Monday, in addition to posting his video about negativity, he also sent out a tweet about blowing "over the haters."