Kendall Jenner Reportedly 'Depressed and Hurt' Over Proactiv Commercial Backlash

Kendall Jenner is reportedly 'depressed and hurt' over the backlash to her new Proactiv [...]

Kendall Jenner is reportedly "depressed and hurt" over the backlash to her new Proactiv commercial, which was unveiled this past Sunday.

The controversy began when Jenner teased she had big news to reveal, and then announced how she would be the new face of the acne medication company.

Fans of the reality TV star did respond the way she imagined, and the reaction is said to be taking a toll on her emotional state.

"Kendall isn't responding very to the backlash regarding her acne ad. She's depressed and hurt by the comments," a source told In Touch Weekly exclusively. "It's bringing up the same feelings she had when her Pepsi commercial was attacked as incentive and tone-deaf. Looking for sympathy from bullying is one thing, but getting paid big bucks for it doesn't fly."

As the source referred to, Jenner found herself in a similar situation in 2017, when she starred in a Pepsi commercial that many felt was undermining to the Black Lives Matter movement.

"She's extremely upset," the source went on to say. "Kendall feels like she's clearly not getting good advice on what to promote, or at least on how to execute it in a non-offensive manner. Someone dropped the ball and Kendall, once again, was left stuck holding the bag. Kendall's Proactiv check is going to clear, but it's her name and her brand that suffer."

Twitter users have been especially critical of Jenner's new Proactiv ad, with one person writing, "Kendall Jenner is really out here trying to get us to believe she uses proactive and not some expensive a— acne laser treatment."

"Kendall Jenner's brave announcement is that she has acne guys. Kendall has acne. ACNE. She felt good about herself but then remembered she has acne and then got sad," another user quipped. "But then Kendall said f— you acne! And now she's happy. I cried. Thoughts to Kendall. A true f—in acne warrior."