Kelly Ripa Shows Ryan Seacrest How Mammograms Work in Hilarious 'Live With Kelly and Ryan' Clip

Kelly Ripa gave her co-host Ryan Seacrest an insider's point of view into what it's like for women to get mammograms — more specifically, for Ripa herself to get one — as she physically got out of her chair to give an example on LIVE! With Kelly and Ryan.

The 48-year-old was trying to verbally explain to Seacrest what her experience was like, but that didn't seem to do the job, so instead, she stood up and actually used Seacrest as a physical example of what her experience was like.

"You don't know the fun of a mammogram until you've gone with me," she started. "Because, you know, what really are they going to put in that vice?"

Seacrest came up short with words finding it funny that Ripa was about to describe her experience.

"I was making linguini and clams," she told the audience that she had plans of making that for dinner and while she was at her appointment, she asked her husband Mark Consuelos to help prep the food while she was sideways getting images done. "The boys asked for that. And Mark is home so infrequently that I try to do wife things and be nice when he's there. I try to, like, fool him."

That's when she demonstrated on Seacrest, saying, "They would have an easier time with you than me. Trust me. They've got more to work with here than with what I have."

She continued by describing her technician's demeanor.

"I go, 'I don't know what you're going to put in there' and she goes, 'Don't worry about it,'" the host said. "She literally looks at me, like, 'I'll take that skin from your neck and your back if I have to' ... There's not so much for them to work with, so literally, my face is smashed in the glass. ... And then she goes, 'And hold your breath. And breathe. ... And hold your breath again.' And I'm like, 'Why am I a woman?'"

The audience and Seacrest laughed seemingly to enjoying Ripa's storytelling.


"It's one of those things that I go, 'Uh, there's gotta be a different way to figure this process out, right?'" she added. "Ladies, right? At a certain point, don't you go, 'This can't be good for me.'"

She joked with Seacrest that she is going to take him to one of her appointments as punishment so he can see first hand what it's like to get the procedure done.