Watch Keanu Reeves' Death-Defying Motorcycle Stunt in New Super Bowl Commercial

Keanu Reeves has partnered up with Squarespace for a series of commercials and in a new ad for the Super Bowl, the actor tries out a death-defying motorcycle stunt.

Titled "Make It Happen," the commercial shows Reeves riding a motorcycle down what appears to be a desert road, as reported by EW.

However, the catch is that he's riding the bike while standing up, which is something that you would probably expect one of his film characters to do, but is something that you would definitely expect real life Keanu to do.

He is wearing a helmet, for safety, and besides that it doesn't appear if he actually did the stunt himself based on the camera angles used in the ad. It is still really, really, cool-looking though.

In another much talked-about ad for the website-building company, Reeves has seen hanging out by a desert bonfire at night and explaining the steps of how to build a Squarespace site while also being genuinely thoughtless around the flame.

He also howls like a wolf in the moonlight, which, again is likely not all that surprising, but very hilarious.

"We wanted to create a campaign that inspired people to take their idea or passion and make it happen," said Sandra Nam, Squarespace's director of creative production. "Squarespace has an extremely diverse customer base, including some high-profile customers like Keanu, and we couldn't think of a better person than Keanu to deliver our message to the world."

Another great series of ads that are rolling out for the Super Bowl, come from Amazon, who will see their intelligent personal assistant Alexa lose her voice.

In a new teaser ad, a woman is shown brushing her teeth in her bathroom while asking Alexa, "What's the weather like today?" Alexa replies, "In Austin, it's 60 degrees with a chance — " but then she coughs and completely goes down.

News reports begin declaring that "Amazon's Alexa lost her voice this morning," as the company's fashionably-vested CEO Jeff Bezos rushes to find out "how is that even possible?"

His team of specialists assure him that they "have the replacements ready," and that all he has to do is "say the word."


"And you're sure this is going to work?" Bezos asks the team, to which they respond with a clearly uncertain, "Yeah."

It was eventually revealed that celebrities such as Rebel Wilson and Chef Gordon Ramsay might be potential replacements for Alexa.