Katie Holmes Fans Praise Her for Not Retouching Her Stretch Marks in New Photo

Katie Holmes fans can't stop gushing over the actress after she shared a behind-the-scene snapshot from her recent photoshoot with Vogue Australia. In the photos, in which she poses in an oversized black jacket, bralette and black pants, fans noticed a few rows of faint stretch marks framing her abdomen.

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While plenty of fans gushed over Holmes' "timeless beauty," others still thanked her for not editing out the stretch marks.

"I love it that you allow these photos to be unedited. Society needs more of these photos out there. Not to mention it shows the younger ones that it's ok to show what you have unfiltered and to love your body no matter what!" one Instagram user wrote.

Others used hashtags like #tigerstrips and #loveyourbody, while others mentioned her "warrior marks."

"So bold!! I love that you’re slightly showing the pregnancy warrior marks. You go girl!!!!" someone said.

"I love [your] lioness stripes [Katie Holmes]," another said, calling it the "true beauty of a mother."

"Love how beautiful and natural you are with your body," one person wrote. "You aren't afraid to show your body exactly how it is."

Holmes isn't the only star to bare her stretch marks. Kourtney Kardashian, 40, also frequently puts her own on display, much to the delight of her fans. In August, she revealed a new photo of herself posing in a cut-out black one-piece swimsuit on a boat, reminding fans that she's not so different from them by putting her stretch marks on display loud and proud.

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"Thank you so much for not editing out your stretch marks!!" one fan wrote.

"I love when we get to see stretch marks..normal bodies," another said.

"I love the fact that you let your stretch marks show! Proud, hot Mama!!" someone else said.

"Oh wow not air brushed. You can actually see her stretch marks and this is what a real body looks like! I love it," another wrote.

"Thank you for not blurring out the stretch lines! The realest thing I’ve ever seen from you guys!" someone else said.

"Those stretch marks are giving me life & helping me embrace mine. So gorg," another wrote.

"It’s amazing by simply posting a 'real' photo, so many women’s self esteem has been raised," another agreed.


Kardashian, who is a mom of three, responded to one of her fans in the comments section, writing, "I love my little stripes," with a smiling emoji.

Do you wish more stars would be open about their "little stripes?" Share your thoughts in the comments below.