Kathy Griffin Announces Split From Boyfriend of 7 Years

Kathy Griffin and her longtime boyfriend are going their separate ways.

The comedian shared the news of her split from Randy Bick on Twitter Thursday afternoon, taking a dig at TMZ in the process.

"God help me, but I'm gonna be one of those people who announces a break up," Griffin wrote on social media.

"After 7 years, Randy and I hav decided to part ways," she added. "It's not acrimonious and I will always adore him. There, now those jerks at TMZ wont get the story first. Go back to your bootlicking, [Harvey Levin]."

Fans of the comedian responded to her message with supportive words.

"Sorry for this! It’s never easy to break up - even harder when some just want to poke at our tender, private moments in life!" one Twitter user wrote.

"As a former Griffin... I support you. Sorry you and Randy had to part ways. I am sure it is for the best. Blessed be, Kathy," another user commented.

"So sorry, Kathy. I know you will be ok but you'll be in my thoughts. Take care of yourself and thanks for sharing this before TMZ does," another one replied.

Griffin and Bick had been in a relationship since 2012, The Blast reports, and he once served as her manager.

He played a role in the restraining orders and lawsuits Griffin ordered when she was in a legal battle with neighbor Jeffrey Metzger. The couple was seen arriving together to court several time during the legal proceedings.

Griffin once told PEOPLE that she believed the relationship would only be a one-night stand.

"I thought he was just a man-whore, if you will," she joked to the outlet once.

The couple lived together in Griffin's Bel Air home, along with their two rescue dogs Pom and Larry.

"We have a great time, and he's very sweet and very mellow," she told the outlet in 2016. "He's like a regular guy, you know, he's like a real guy. He's not like a Hollywood guy."

Before Bick, Griffin was married to software entrepreneur Matthew Modine in 2001, filing for divorce four years later after she claimed he stole money from her throughout their relationship.

"My ex-husband, without my knowledge, was sneaking into my wallet when I was asleep in the mornings and taking my ATM cards of my own private accounts and withdrawing money,” Griffin said in an appearance on Larry King Live back in 2006.


"He admitted it and apologized and... we went to couples therapy," she continued. "I really wanted to make it work."

Griffin also dated Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak from 2007 to 2008.