Kate Moss' New Shirt Is A Big Middle Finger To Paparazzi

Kate Moss Shirt 2

Actors, Musicians, Athletes, and celebrities, in general, all have a love/hate relationship with the Paparazzi. For most celebrities, they're a necessary aspect of day to day life, but some don't feel like dealing with everything that comes along with them.

Model Kate Moss is assuredly in that group of people, and after watching videos like this, it's easy to see why she's not too fond of the photographer frenzy that follows her wherever she goes. That's why in conjunction with British photographer Nick Knight, she is now offering other people who find themselves in the same predicament a chance to get some revenge and spoil some of those lovely photos (via THR).

They've created a black shirt that reacts to the light from a camera flash. When there is no flash, the shirt is just a plain black tee. If a flash goes off in front of it, it illuminates hidden text, which reads F*** You C***. You'll be hard pressed to find a magazine who will pay top dollar for a photograph with those words sprawled all over it, and that's the idea.


It is called the ANTI T-Shirt, and it is available in both black and white variations for $80 each. You can order them here. Moss demonstrates the shirt in action in the video above. This is just the latest fashion invention in response to overeager Paparazzi, as the Ishu has also recently gained favor among celebrities. The Ishu is a scarf made out of highly reflective fabric, which when activated by a flash, darkens everything else in the picture, making only the scarf visible.