Kate Middleton Shares Emotional Message in First-Ever Instagram Post

It seems as though Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle are starting a new social media trend because Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton just posted to Instagram for the first time since becoming a royal. Middleton and her husband Prince William were in the middle of a five-day tour of Pakistan enjoying red carpet events, school trips and spending quality time with the locals, so Middleton decided to share her thoughts with fans via social media regarding the communities she and William visited.

The post included a slideshow of photos as the pair were introduced to groups of children as well as partaking in a game of cricket in Lahore.

Until the Duke and Duchess of Sussex came in and changed the name of the game a bit by getting their own separate Instagram account, it was pretty standard for the royal family to leave the posting up to their staff. But it seems as though onlookers loved the fact that Middleton shared her personal thoughts, with one writing, "Love this post thank you," while another posted, "Love this! This tour was a great success and I'm sure a wonderful experience for you both. Diana would have been so proud."


The royal pair wrapped their tour on Oct. 18 and actually encountered a rather unexpected, scary experience. While the two were on their flight back, their plane was struck by lightening which forced their pilot to abort two landings. That caused Middleton and William to miss an engagement in Khyber Pass. Instead, they moved on to the Army Canine Centre where they spent time learning how dogs are trained for military tactics.