Kate Middleton Defended After Being Fashion-Shamed for Wearing Coat Multiple Times

Kate Middleton recently stepped out in a familiar fashion item, but the choice drew an unexpected [...]

Kate Middleton recently stepped out in a familiar fashion item, but the choice drew an unexpected response. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a blue Alexander McQueen coat on Sept. 26, and outlet Page Six noticed that it was the fourth time she had worn the number. They penned a story about the fashion choice and posted it on Twitter, but that's when trouble began. Many saw the story as a way to fashion-shame the mother-of-three.

The story itself is rather neutral, they simply point out the previous time she wore the outfit, being as public personalities often never publicly reuse outfits. She wore it in April 2014 for a WW1 commemoration event, June 2014 for a D-Day event and in February 2016 to honor RAF Air Cadets' 75th anniversary.

They even add a bit of positive spin, writing, "Seems that stylish sustainability is a shared royal tradition."

Despite this, the outward impression from the the tweet cause a wave of comments to roar in.

"She should have lit it on fire and hurled the ashes into the sea, as I do with each coat after one wear," one fan sarcastically wrote.

"God f—ing forbid she pay thousands from a coat and want to get her money's worth out of it," a second wrote.

"It's as if clothes are meant to be worn more than once and maybe.... just maybe.... (she) likes that coat," a third wrote.

Fans also pointed out how wasting clothes is terrible for the environment and that Middleton should be praised.

"Throwaway fashion is so bad for our planet," a supporter wrote. "Good that she's setting a brilliant example."

Another added, "It's disgustingly wasteful to buy something expensive and only use it once."

Others also noted how most people wear clothes countless times and made some humorous observations about their own lives.

"She only has 3,231 more wears to catch up to how many times I've worn this grey hoodie I got for $14.99 at Ross," a Twitter user wrote. "Keep going, Kate! I believe in you."

"I've got shirts, tees, sweaters, and sweatshirts I've kept for years which I still wear," a second wrote. "Def NOT a fashionista, and I absolutely hate shopping for clothes."

Middleton, who is married to Prince William, has not chimed in on the controversy since it went down, but fans could not help but wonder what she would think of the discussion.

"I'd be curious to what she has to say about this headline," one Twitter user wrote.

Photo Credit: Peter Byrne-WPA Pool/Getty Images