Kate Beckinsale Makes Fans Swoon With Split Photo on Social Media

Kate Beckinsale is a pro at sharing funny content on Instagram, with the actress cracking another joke in the caption of recent post she shared on the platform.

Over the weekend, Beckinsale uploaded a black-and-white mirror selfie she snapped while sitting on the floor with her legs out in a stretched position and wearing an oversized T-shirt.

"Home stretch," the actress punned in her caption.

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"Your thighs look a little chubby," comedian Kathy Griffin joked in the comments. "I’m just telling you that because I love you [smiley face emoticon]."

"Oh, dear," added Chelsea Handler. "Are you kidding me? Stop that!" added a fan.

Someone else joked, "are you putting together IKEA furniture???" while another wrote, "Weird, I’m doing exactly the same right now."

The actress shared another photo of a stretching session in August, posting a black-and-white snap of herself in the same position and referencing Jennifer Lopez's role as a stripper in the upcoming film, Hustlers.

"I like to think that between takes JLo is also performing groin stretches on a couple of old bath towels that smell like a wet Rottweiler," she wrote.

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Beckinsale joins a number of stars who have shown off their flexibility on Instagram, including Bebe Rexha and Victoria Beckham. On Aug. 30, Rexha posted a photo of herself wearing only her underwear and doing a split in the bathroom as she applied her makeup ahead of a concert on her 30th birthday.

"This is what 30 looks like," she wrote. "My #BirthdaySuit Self love. Body positivity. Unapologetically me. Pre-show stretch and lipstick application."

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Over the years, Beckham has shared several snaps of herself checking her phone while reclining on a couch, one leg casually in the air as she scrolls through her screen. The photo has since become an important moment in Victoria Beckham content, with the snap inspiring stars like Kourtney Kardashian and Ashley Tisdale to post their own versions.

Kardashian slyly referenced Beckham in the caption of her photo, writing, "'Victoria, I'll call u later I just got back from the football game.'"

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"Yes, I was inspired by @victoriabeckham...," Tisdale captioned her own shot.

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Photo Credit: Getty / Nicholas Hunt