Kardashians Reportedly Cut Jordyn Woods out of Family Business After Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

The Kardashians aren't showing any mercy to Jordyn Woods when it comes to the business side of their relationship. A week after news broke that Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend, NBA player Tristan Thompson cheated on her with Kylie Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods, the family is reportedly ready to cut Woods off.

Sources close to the situation told TMZ that Woods has been "excommunicated on the business end of things" as far as partnering with the famous family goes. The family reportedly doesn't plan to work with the 21-year-old model ever again, the sources add.

Before the scandal broke, Woods had a joint makeup line with Jenner and even her own page on Kardashian's Good American apparel website; she was also a member of the #goodsquad, where she represented and modeled for the brand.

Her Good American spotlight page has since been removed from the website, with the sources adding that there's no potential opportunity for future ventures with the company.

The price of Jenner's Jordy Velvet Liquid Lipstick Lip Kit was slashed in half from $27 to $13.50 in the days following the scandal last week, almost instantly selling out once fans caught wind of it. After the kit sold out, its price on the website reverted to $27.

However, all of the other items from Jenner's collaboration with Woods, which was released in September 2018, are currently full price on the site. The Kylie x Jordyn collection includes an eyeshadow palette, a highlighter palette, two lip glosses and one lipstick. The bundle featuring every item from the collection is sold out. Many of the products in the collaboration are being marketed as a "trending product" with the site urging shoppers to "get it before it's gone."

While TMZ reports that Jenner seems to be somewhat open to a reconciliation as far as her and Woods' friendship goes, she reportedly will not consider going back into business with her.

What's more is that TMZ reports Woods' "security clearance" has been revoked from Jenner's gated neighborhood, where Woods used to live in Jenner's guest home. Woods has reportedly moved out and is living with her mother.

Kardashian reportedly caught wind that Woods and Thompson were "all over each other" and "making out" at a house party Thompson hosted in Los Angeles earlier this month. She confronted Thompson, who admitted to the infidelity, and officially ended their two-year relationship. She also reportedly confronted Woods, who reportedly "denied" making out with Thompson at first.

“When Khloé confronted Jordyn, at first she denied it,” an insider told Us Weekly. “Khloé has never confronted another woman Tristan has cheated with before.”


“Khloé feels so betrayed,” another insider shared. “This time it hurts even more because the person who it was with is someone who knows very much what Khloé has gone through in the past year. Jordyn is like part of the family.”

“[Jordyn] was very much aware how devastated Khloé was by Tristan’s previous betrayal," they said. "Jordyn knew so much that it is hard for those immediately around them to wrap their minds around how she could do it.”