Justin Timberlake Receives Support From Fans After Issuing Public Apology to Jessica Biel

Fans are showing their support after Justin Timberlake issued a public apology to his wife, Jessica Biel, following his show of PDA with his Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright last month. On Wednesday, weeks after Timberlake and Palmer were photographed holding hands at a New Orleans’ bar, the actor took to Instagram to apology for what he called “a lapse in judgement,” and many fans seemed sympathetic to his words.

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Timberlake’s decision to address the drama head-on in a public statement was quickly applauded by many.

“Sad you have to be public about this but grown man stuff right here to address your business directly. [Respect],” one person wrote.

“In times like this I‘m so grateful not to be a known star. It‘s probably very hard to deal with this amount of hate strangers give you just because you are human and make mistakes as well… Just because he is famous it doesn‘t make his mistake worse than what a not-famous person did,” another wrote in part. “Anyways, everybody makes mistakes and you can tell that he is sorry. I hope everything turns soon back to normal again.”

“Yes, you should of know better & she should of known better also. But it takes a real man to admit they were wrong," a third commented.

Not everyone was as willing to look past his discrepancies, however, and many took issue with Timberlake’s words. Feeling that he was attempting to downplay what had occurred between himself and Wainwright, some criticized the actor and father-of-one for being “disrespectful,” with one writing that regardless of what Timberlake says, “something happened and you failed your wife.”

Many more took issue over the fact that what should have been an open and honest post solely addressing the what had taken place had instead been ended on a note promoting his upcoming film.


“You probably should not have ended it with your excitement over your movie. You make this all about you. Again. You're excitement should be over the fact that your wife hasn't left you left,” one person wrote, another calling the apology “narcissistic.”

At this time, Biel has not addressed the drama nor her husband’s apology. Although Wainwright has not outwardly addressed the incident, days after the photographs were published, her representative stated that there was “no validity” to rumors that something had happened between herself and Timberlake.