Justin Timberlake Fans Joke About 'Apology Album' Amid His Latest Photo From the Studio

Justin Timberlake may be ready to put the drama with Alisha Wainwright in the past, but some of his fans aren't so eager. After filming on their film Palmer wrapped in New Orleans, the actor is back at home and on to the next project, sharing a photo of himself to Instagram on Thursday "back at it" in the studio on what some fans are hoping is an "apology album."

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Although the post was met with excitement from many, some fans even keeping their fingers crossed for a tour, others weren't as nice, many seizing the moment to comment on the drama surrounding him, his eight-year relationship to Jessica Biel, and Wainwright.

"The apology album coming in 2020," wrote one commenter, who added a clapping hands emoji and a laughing emoji.

"His next album will probably be called 'I love my Wife, I swear!'" joked another person.

"Go Jus! Now behave," added a third.

"Hope you're writing cry me a river apology songs for being a giant douche to your gorgeous amazing wife," commented one person.

Timberlake's return to the studio comes a month after his name was forced into unfavorable headlines following a little PDA in the Big Easy with Wainwright. After the co-stars were spotted holding hands on the balcony of a bar, rumors swirled regarding the depths of their relationship and possible infidelity on his part in his marriage to Biel.

Both Wainwright and Timberlake have largely denied any romantic sparks between them, though Timberlake did apologize for "a strong lapse in judgement," explaining in a Dec. 4 Instagram post that he "drank way too much that night" and "should have known better."

The actor has since returned home to Los Angeles to spend time with Biel and their son, Silas. The couple are believed to be preparing to spend the holidays together and do a little traveling, though sources claim that they are still working through the scandal.

"Justin and Jessica are focused on mending any issues in their relationship right now, but Jessica is still in a place where she's very hurt and upset with Justin," a source told Us Weekly. "She hasn't fully forgiven him and isn't letting him off easy."


The source added that the couple know that there's "work required" to "get back to a good place as a couple."

Biel has not publicly addressed the hand-holding drama.