Justin Theroux Accuses Neighbor of Domestic Abuse After Hearing Altercation

Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband, Justin Theroux, is calling out his neighbor for domestic abuse.

According to PageSix, the actor accused his neighbor, Norman Resnicow — who is a lawyer — of beating his wife. In a sworn statement, he claims that while he was leaving his New York apartment the evening of Feb. 10, he heard his neighbor yelling at his wife. It disturbed him to the point of calling the cops. Just a few days later, building officials say they saw Barbara Resnicow — Resnicow's wife — leaving with a black eye.

"Because my apartment is directly above the Resnicows' apartment, I have had the misfortune over the years of personally overhearing Mr. Resnicow frequently scream at and berate Mrs. Resnicow," Theroux wrote in a statement. "With some of those instances resulting in calls to 911."

The actor and lawyer haven't been on good terms for a few years now after Theroux sued Resnicow in 2017 in Manhattan Supreme Court. He claimed Resnicow harassed him over renovations to the actors apartment. Things since have only escalated for the two because Theroux also mentioned that his neighbor had been spying on him, trespassing on his deck and threatening other tenants with "farming tools."

"Although I cannot know for certain that Mrs. Resnicow's injury stems from the Sunday night altercation 2 1/2 days earlier, I am bringing this to the Court's attention because, by all outward appearances, earlier attempts to go though the police have not been effective," he continued.

Barbara has responded to these claims calling them false and accused Theroux of trying to take advantage of the situation for his own benefit.

"On the preceding Friday, Feb. 8, while returning to my office from the gym at lunchtime, I tripped and hit the side of my face on the sidewalk while admiring a cute toddler," Barbara wrote. "This resulted in a bruise below my left eye."

She also followed up with screenshots of text messages she sent to her husband informing him of her fall and injury.


"As for Norman's allegedly abusive language, I have never feared for my safety while alone with Norman," she added. "I strongly resent Mr. Theroux's attempt to gain an advantage in this litigation — in essence just a border dispute between neighbors — by spreading poison around Norman and presenting the Court with his skewed impression of our marriage."

Resincow responded by saying that his wife has bad hearing so he yells so she can hear him. In his own filing, his lawyer Peter Levine and Resincow are requesting an apology from Theroux and his lawyer, Eric Sherman. Sherman declined to comment.