Justin Bieber Reportedly Blaming Himself for Selena Gomez's Recent Treatment

Justin Bieber is reportedly blaming himself for Selena Gomez's recent hospitalizations, which [...]

Justin Bieber is reportedly blaming himself for Selena Gomez's recent hospitalizations, which happened weeks after his engagement and marriage to Hailey Baldwin.

A source told Life & Style magazine on Wednesday that Bieber "won't stop blaming himself for her breakdown."

"Deep down, Justin knows she still has feelings for him and that his marriage to Hailey would've upset her," the source continued.

Back on Oct. 10, TMZ reported that Gomez was hospitalized twice in recent weeks. At the end of September, she was reportedly hospitalized for a "low white blood cell count" and acted despondent and emotional. She was released, but when back to the hospital a few days later because she continued to have a low white blood cell count.

During the second hospitalization, Gomez reportedly suffered an "emotional meltdown." Since then, she has been staying at a psychiatric facility on the East Coast. She also announced another social media break on Sept. 23 and has not used her accounts since.

"As much as I am grateful for the voice that social media gives each of us, I am equally grateful to be able to step back and live my life present to the moment I have been given," Gomez wrote at the time. "Kindness and encouragement only for a bit! Just remember- negative comments can hurt anybody's feelings. Obvi."

On the day after Gomez's emotional meltdown was reported, Bieber and Baldwin were photographed leaving their pastor's home. Bieber was seen with his head in his hand and crying.

"Selena was Justin's first love... and everyone can see that he still cares for her," Life & Style's source said.

The source also claimed that the "Selena situation" is "putting a strain" on Bieber and Baldwin's marriage, which still has not been confirmed by the two young stars.

"Justin will always care about Selena," a source close to Bieber told PEOPLE earlier this month. "It's hard for him to hear that she isn't doing well. They have both had their separate struggles over the years and Justin was always very sympathetic to Selena's. He wants the best for Selena. He wants her to be happy and healthy."

Gomez's hospitalization has also reportedly been difficult for Demi Lovato, who hospitalized herself in July after an apparent overdose.

"She knows exactly what it's like to struggle with depression and anxiety and how painful it is. Demi's a very sensitive person. She loves Selena so to know she's hurting this much has hit Demi hard," a source told Hollywood Life about Lovato earlier this month.

Bieber and Baldwin got engaged in July, and visited a New York City courthouse for a marriage license in September. Earlier this month, a fan told Us Weekly that the two confirmed they are married when she asked them. However, Bieber has not mentioned anything about the marriage on his Instagram page.

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