Julianne Hough Reveals Return to Her Roots as a Blonde

Back to blonde! Julianne Hough revealed Thursday that she's returned to her hair roots after a stint as a redhead.

Posing for a impromptu photo shoot with her new light locks and matching plaid crop top set, Hough revealed that her hair journey has been about more than just changing up her look.

"Back to my ROOTS," she captioned the photos. "I've been creating and developing a secret project about transformation and identity, and I wouldn't have felt this confident in my skin right now if I didn't step outside the box of what I knew myself as, and what people identified me as. Being a red head helped me dive into my womanhood and embrace my sexuality. Now I'm ready to jump back to my roots with everything I learned and integrated into my body and spirit!"

Hough previously opened up about her decision to dye her hair the ginger tone in an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com. Part of the change came from changes within herself she has noticed since tying the knot with husband Brooks Laich in July 2017, she said in March.

"Since we've been married, I've felt more grounded and centered and womanly," she said of the emotions that brought her to the salon.

The Dancing With the Stars alum added that she's been becoming more spiritual and rooted since becoming a wife and is trading in the traits she sees as more "girly," including her blonde hair, for those of a woman.

"I think being girly is being flirtatious ... not really rooted, more whatever happens, happens," she continued, adding that once she married Laich, "There was more of a weight to everything I've done."

Marrying Laich was a turning point for the couple, who has spent every day since falling deeper in love with one another, they told PopCulture.com.

"Honestly, every day is better than the day before," Hough said. "Even if it's not the best day, it's still better."

"It's just a great journey," Laich added, in reference to the four-plus years the two spent together since first starting to date. "Just looking back on where we started and the pockets of life we've gone through."

"I think we're learning new things about ourselves too, because you don't stay the same," Hough said, to which Laich added, "You continually evolve individually, so the changes she makes in her life, I learn to love and appreciate."


Even hair changes!

Photo credit: Instagram/Julianne Hough