'Judge Judy' Sheindlin: What Is the Daytime Star's Net Worth

Judge Judy Sheindlin is a renowned TV judge, who for decades, has captivated audiences in the courtroom of her namesake series Judge Judy. As that series approaches its end, the TV judge having announced in March that Judge Judy will cease production when her contract runs out in 2021, the 78-year-old TV personality has a pretty hefty net worth to fall back on thanks to her years in the field.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, throughout her career, Sheindlin has amassed a massive $440 million net worth, a number that is more than eight times her net worth back in 2009, when she was estimated to be worth $50 million. In the more than a decade since, Celebrity Net Worth recorded her net worth skyrocketing to new levels every year, reaching $130 million in 2011 before surpassing the $200 million mark just two years later in 2013, when it reached $230 million. Sheindlin's net worth reached $300 million in 2015 and jumped to $420 million by 2018.

Breaking into the TV industry in the late '90s, Sheindlin has remained one of the highest-paid media personalities and takes in an estimated $47 million every year. Her salary in 2005, however, was just a fraction of that, at $15 million. In 2019, Sheindlin was named as the highest-paid talk show host by Forbes for her $147 million pretax income the year prior, which was due in part to the selling of her 5,200-episode library.

Unfortunately for Sheindlin, her income may be about to take a major hit. Earlier this month, a judge in a Los Angeles Superior Court denied Sheindlin's $22 million counterclaim suit against talent agent Richard Lawrence and Rebel Entertainment Partners, which hit her last summer with a $5 million breach of contract suit stemming from a $95 million sale of Judge Judy's library to CBS in 2017. As a result, Sheindlin may have to pay up to $4 million to charity.

Thankfully, though, given her massive net worth, that amount will be just a drop in the bucket. The TV judge is set to expand her empire even further. While Judge Judy may be prepping to an end, tentatively called Judy Justice, an all-new series, is gearing up to make its debut. The series, which will find Sheindlin taking on new cases, will air on the Amazon-owned IMDb TV platform. Sheindlin signed a deal with Amazon Studios in October to bring the series to the platform. It is expected to premiere sometime in 2022.