Jinger Duggar Defies Family Rules by Wearing Pants Again

Jinger Duggar continues to ignore her family's ban on pants by rocking a pair in her latest photos.

On Monday, Duggar's husband Jeremy Vuolo shared a photo of the couple during an outdoor photo shoot. Duggar is shown wearing a modest pair of black pants, which directly goes against the Duggar family rule that states women should only wear dresses and skirts.

(Photo: Instagram / @jeremy_vuolo)

Despite this being far from the first time she was broken the rule, fans were quck to point it out.

"Beautiful. Wow she's wearing pants I don't think I've ever seen her wear pants," one fan wrote.

However, some people were just tired of the pants discussion, being as Duggar has clearly moved on from the skirts-only practice.

"Oh my goodness she is wearing pants.. Oh what is this coming too" one fan wrote. "Silly people. Out of respect to her parents she followed their rules living at home. When you leave home, you choose your own path. Get over the negativity."

Her married life has more than likely been an influence on Jinger's decision with Vuolo, a pastor, reportedly being fine with her wearing pants.

"It is your liberty as to whether you dress modestly with a modest pair of pants, or with a skirt, or with a T-shirt, or with a blouse," Vuolo reportedly said in a sermon. "It is not your liberty, women, to wear sensual, seductive clothing that is designed to draw the attention of your brothers."

Despite all this wardrobe talk, another talking point of the shot is that it shows Duggar's baby bump.

Duggar shared a photo from the same session Monday, that shows the happy couple side by side. Vuolo has his arm around his wife and they are looking into each other's eyes as they smile.

Duggar, who is 23 weeks into her pregnancy, is shown in the same floral print shirt as she showcases her baby bump.

(Photo: Instagram / @jingervuolo)

For a caption, Duggar just used a handful of emojis representing the baby and proud parents.

The pic has already received 140,000 likes.

Duggar and Vuolo met while on a mission trip in 2015, began dating nearly a year later and married in November 2016. In January, the couple revealed they were expecting a child, who is expected to be born in July. They have yet to reveal the gender.

As for the how the couple's relationship is going, they seem to be sharing a strong bond through their faith.

Vuolo, who is a pastor, was interviewed by the Calvinist Batman & Friends podcast in January. In the interview, he was asked how a husband can help keep his wife's faith strong.


"I think just walking through the word together," Vuolo said. "If you're abiding in Christ and walking with Christ daily, it can look like sharing that and opening the lines of communication about your own walk with Christ. Where are you wrestling right now? How's scripture helping you? Just opening that communication and fellowshipping with your spouse, and that's going to translate to your children."

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