Jim Carrey Makes Claims Against Ex-Girlfriend Who Died by Suicide

Jim Carrey has been in the thick of a lawsuit over the suicide of his ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White for more than two years now, but in legal documents obtained by TMZ, the actor claims she tried to extort him.

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White claimed she became suicidal after Carrey gave her herpes. But according to the documents, Carrey now claims White, who died by suicide in 2015, had herpes before they met, but needed to change the facts. He adds that she created an elaborate extortion scheme with fake medical records to make it seem she was clean before she met him.

He says she received her friend's medical records "showing a clean bill of health," then altered them to make it look as if the records were hers.

Carrey's new legal documents go on to present that White shared the before and after medical records, claiming it as proof — the only change being that she started having sex with him and got genital herpes.

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TMZ goes on to report that in the legal documents, Carrey claims they have the "smoking gun" in the form of text messages from White to her friend, asking them numerous time to "go to Planned Parenthood" to get her medical records. One being a text message that read, "I need to see the layout…I will need to work on it before I give it to him."

The agency states that the new documents were filed in connection to a lawsuit brought on by White's parents, who claim Carrey gave her the disease and thus, why she killed herself.


Carrey's legal team has reportedly made "an ultimatum," urging to either ante up non-forged medical records or "admit" she had multiple STDs before she met him.

Michael Avenatti, attorney for White told TMZ that the new claims against his client were "complete and utter bulls--t," adding that when the truth comes out, Carrey and his advisers will be "criminally prosecuted" for their conduct in the case.