Jet Jurgensmeyer Gushes Over 'Last Man Standing' Cast Amid New Music Release (Exclusive)

Last Man Standing may have come to a close in 2021 after nine successful seasons, but series star Jet Jurgensmeyer admits he still keeps up with the cast and is humbled by the love shown by fans. The last episode of the popular series aired this past May and longtime viewers were sad to say goodbye. But during an interview with, Jurgensmeyer revealed who he keeps in touch with the most from his on-screen family and discussed the details of his new song single, "Fast Forward" following the music video's release.

"We keep in touch over social media so that is how I've been able to keep in touch, especially Molly [McCook]," the 16-year-old said of his former castmate. "Molly and I — who plays Mandy [Baxter] — she and I came on the show Season 7, so we kind of had that connection prior to actually meeting in person. We met each other over social media because the article came out Last Man Standing, Molly McCook and Jet Jurgensmeyer joined the show. So we were like, 'Well, we got to meet each other!'" While the Tots actor stays in touch with McCook, he also noted that he keeps up with the others as well.

"So we stay in touch a lot, and I stay in touch with everybody. That's why that show is amazing, and like I said, the LMS fan group, you guys are great!" he gushed. Jurgensmeyer not only had wonderful things to say about their fans but the cast as well, adding how much he learned from actors including Tim Allen and Nancy Travis. "I learned so much from that show from everyone, from Tim [Allen], Christoph [Sanders], Nancy [Travis]. I would just sit and I would just watch them [and] the writers on that show were amazing; and the fan base. I have made such close friends from the Last Man Standing fan base."

Jurgensmeyer, who just released the music video for his latest single "Fast Forward" said that a group of LMS fans traveled states just to come see him play a local show in Ohio, and that meant the world to him. "I was performing in Ohio a couple of weeks ago at Cedar Point, and some of the fans drove and flew to come to see me perform at an amusement park, which is just mind-boggling; it's amazing. I am so blessed to have been a part of that, and I can't wait to do another comedy!"


While he loves to act and "make people smile," music has become a huge passion of his and shows no signs of slowing down on that front. His new album, which he's almost done with, is one he feels his fans will be able to resonate with because it's "relatable." "I think I just kind of wrote it for me," he explained of his new single when asked if he wrote it for someone special or not. "But, to that point, my songs are also for everyone because one thing I like about my songs that are on this album, they're relatable, and they're relatable to kids my age because there's a lot of teenagers out there going through stuff, whatever that may be." To keep up with Jurgensmeyer, visit his website here.