Jessica Simpson Unveils Makeup-Free 'Good Morning' Selfie

Jessica Simpson is getting back to basics in her latest selfie, which is a makeup free shot from bed.

Simpson, 37, shared the below photo from her bed with the simple caption of "Good Morning."

(Photo: Instagram / @jessicasimpson)

Simpson is shown lying down and gazing into the camera while wearing a grey hoodie that features a yellow logo on it.

The photo has received 86,000 likes since it was posted on Thursday.

This stripped-back image is in response to the recent a wave of backlash that occurred in the comments of her recent bikini selfies.

Its appears some fans were tired of Simpson's revealing bikini shots after she posted her third look in a matter of days. The photo that received the most hate was the below shot, which sees her in a small black bikini with a sheer orange sarong as her bottoms.

(Photo: Instagram / @jessicasimpson)

The photo received more than 122,000 likes, but that did not stop detractors from chiming in with their thoughts.

There were a wide array of critiques of the shot, with many slamming Simpson as "fake" for allegedly editing the selfie.

"Nice try, luv, but we all saw the real [paparazzi] shots the other day," one commenter wrote. "Embrace what you have and stop with the Photoshop trickery."

Another wrote, "You don't have to prove yourself. Your true followers know what you look like. Go back to being sweet."

Some even mom-shamed the mother-of-two for posting such a revealing picture.

"No, Just NO!! You're a mother now," one commenter wrote. "Show respect, not just for your family but most of all yourself!"

Other haters thought the bikini selfies were getting too repetitive, despite Simpson only recently posting a handful of them.

"I liked her but lately the shots of her like this are getting old," one person wrote. "She's very pretty, but we know that and post something else.

Another commenter added, "She's trying way too hard for attention lately."

Despite all this, Simpson will most likely keep the beach snaps of her and husband Eric Johnson coming throughout the week.

The actress shared the third installment in a series of closet selfies, and her husband, who is a former NFL player, joined in.


The "With You" singer is shown striking a pose in a multi-colored top and skirt combo with white sunglasses as her key accessory. Johnson, 38, flexes his muscles as he poses shirtless with khaki shirts and a grey cap.

(Photo: Instagram / @jessicasimpson)

"I taught my husband the art of the closet selfie," Simpson wrote in the photo's caption, adding a winking emoji.