Jennifer Lawrence Describes First Kiss: 'Sounds Like a Murder Story'

Jennifer Lawrence said the story of her first kiss sounds more like a 'murder story' than the [...]

Jennifer Lawrence said the story of her first kiss sounds more like a "murder story" than the stuff of romance novels.

"This is going to sound like a murder story, but it was in the woods, outside of a baseball park," the Oscar-winner told W Magazine. "I had lost my turtle. Curtis, the guy I kissed, found it."

The 27-year-old Lawrence, who starred in Darren Aronofsky's mother! in 2017, was also asked if that turtle was her first pet.

"No, it was a schnauzer named Ozzie. He hated us so much. He never wanted to be in the same room with us," she said.

That also means that "Ozzie" would be her first name as a porn star. Put it next to her first street name and you get "Ozzie Ormond."

Lawrence also said her favorite Halloween costume was a picnic table. Her mother wouldn't let her go out as a ghost or a witch "or anything demonic."

"So I cut a hole in a plastic cloth and went as a picnic table," Lawrence recalled. "The problem was I had a crush on this guy named John, and I was so pumped for Halloween because it was our chance to interact. And then I put my face in the tablecloth and was like, 'Hi, John. Are you my boyfriend?'"

Lawrence recently dated Arronofsky for a year, but they split in November.

"Once they are onto new projects and interests, it's harder to keep up relationships of any kind," a source told PEOPLE on Nov. 29. "They were never destined for marriage. They had fun, shared many beliefs, and enjoyed what they could learn from each other."