Jennifer Aniston Scares Fans on 'Friends' Central Perk Set While Hosting 'The Ellen Show'

Jennifer Aniston not only appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but she hosted it! This makes it the first time the actress has ever hosted a show. Aniston revealed that DeGeneres asked her months ago when Aniston was one of her guest and actress agreed to do so. When The Morning Show actress wondered why DeGeneres would be out that day, the comedian claimed she had to go get her license at the DMV, although Aniston didn't believe that. During the segment, DeGeneres sent a hilarious video outside of the DMV to show Aniston that she really was in fact there to get her license.

While that was a noteable moment, that's not the one that caught everyone's attention. Aniston pointed out that the Ellen show was filmed on the Warner Brothers lot and the fan-favorite show Friends was too, conveniently. Everyone cheered loudly when she mentioned that fact, clearly showing there were several Friends fans in the crowd. The set that she spent 10 years on is still in the Warner Bros. lot, and it's been opened up to the public for tours. So Aniston decided to surprise fans who visited the set in the most surprising of ways!

As each person sat down on the couch, someone would ask them who was their favorite Friends character. No one said Rachel — Aniston's longtime character — so she jumped out to scare them while also jokingly being in shock that they didn't pick Rachel. Each fan had a different reaction, some more vocal than others, but all-in-all, everyone was seemingly happy and shocked. It didn't stop there though, she not only gave them a surprise of a lifetime, but she also invited everyone she scared to the Ellen show the day she hosted and they got to sit in a special area as her guests.

Something else the 50-year-old mentioned on the show is that she won a SAG award — something she's extremely excited about. But there's something else everyone seems to be talking about. She and ex-husband Brad Pitt were caught giving each other a hug and smiling at one another. When Aniston received her award, Pitt was said to have dropped everything to watch her acceptance speech as he grinned from ear-to-ear and Aniston was photographed doing the same when he went up on stage.


While the two are said to be just friends, fans and celebrities alike sure do feel that there may be something a little more, but only time will tell if they'll get back together or not.

Photo Credit: Steve Granitz/Getty.