Jenna Ortega Admits to Performing 'Autopsies on Little Animals' as a Child

Jenna Ortega recently revealed some dark details about her psyche in a new interview. The actress stars as the titular character in Netflix's Addams Family spinoff WednesdayOrtega has made her mark in the horror genre with critically praised performances in Scream and Wednesday, which deal with somewhat grim themes, earning her a lot of attention this year. In 2013, when she was just 11, she also appeared in the supernatural thriller Insidious: Chapter 2. In a new interview with the Face, Ortega described herself as attracted to the more spooky elements of life, something that she embraces. "I love things that are a bit off-putting, things when, the closer you look, really aren't that pretty," she said. "I love things that are disturbing." Jenna admitted that she tends to be drawn toward darker scripts simply out of a sense of comfort. "I think we find each other," she explained. "There's some invisible string that's connected to serial killers, monsters, creatures and myself. No matter where I go." "I feel like it's something that's always been attractive to me since I was younger, something I was always into," she added.

Another recent interview with Ortega appears to validate her explanation. While participating in the Wired "Autocomplete Interview" series last week, she made a confession that left fans worried. The Fallout actress, who starred alongside Maddie Ziegler in the film, was questioned about her close friendship with Ziegler during a challenge where celebrities answer questions that fans have googled about them. "I'm assuming they're talking about the beautiful, wonderful baby angel face Maddie Ziegler," said Ortega, after reading an inquiry asking: "are Jenna Ortega and Maddie friends? "The answer is yes," she added. "She's one of my greatest friends ever. She was somebody that I instantly clicked with."


She explained their bond by saying they're both weird, which is why they get along so well. As a result, she casually revealed that she "used to perform autopsies on little animals" when she was younger. Although Ortega clarified that the animals she had were already dead, she didn't disclose much more about this hobby from her childhood."Like, little lizards that I found that were dead in my backyard," she added, confusing fans further. As it stands, Ortega sounds like she is ideally suited for the role of Wednesday, though hopefully, her lizard dissections are a thing of the past.