Jenna Dewan Reveals Cause of Her Recent Injury

Jenna Dewan shared a video of her gym accident.

Jenna Dewan has had fans worried over the past month or so, ever since she started sporting a brace on her left wrist. While it was originally unclear what caused her condition, Dewan took to Instagram to clear up what happened to her. The Step Up star revealed she jammed her pinky while performing a box jump at the gym. As a result, she suffered a fracture in her left hand. She shared a video of the painful incident and a photo of the X-ray she got afterward.

The actress — who plays Bailey Nune on The Rookie — has shown it off during recent outings. She sported the brace while on a SAG-AFTRA picket line and one of the Taylor Swift concerts at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. The former World of Dance host even went as far as decking out her simple, black brace with a series of friendship bracelets for the T-Swift event.

Luckily, a wrist/hand injury shouldn't affect Dewan's ability to dance. The actress is known for her dance work, starring in moves like Step Up and Take the Lead and appearing on dancing-based shows like So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With the Stars and Come Dance with Me. It turns out that her love of dance is being passed down to her daughter Everly (whom she shares with ex-husband Channing Tatum), as she told Us Weekly earlier this year.

"We all love her so much and she's so passionate about [dancing] and she works really hard," Dewan said. "She's always like, 'Mom, I want more dance classes, I wanna go again.' She's just really passionate about it. It's effervescent."

However, Dewan isn't pressuring her too hard, with the Resident actress just trying to be supportive instead of being overly critical of Everly's work. "She just wants me to be mom. Supportive mom. Wants me there," Dewan told the publication. "She loves when I tell her what I thought, and I'll be honest with her. She'll say, 'Did you see that part I messed up?' And I say, 'I did see it, but it doesn't matter. We're here. This is a journey. We are learning, don't worry.' She likes that."