Jenna Dewan Accuses Ex Channing Tatum of 'Grandstanding' After Schedule Request Amid Child Custody Allegations

It looks like things aren't going so well between exes Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum as they continue to navigate life following their separation. According to a few sources who spoke with TMZ, their main issues are currently over 6-year-old daughter, Everly. The two are said to be battling it out over custody, holiday schedules and child support. Since the holidays are here, Tatum filed legal documents on Tuesday requesting a judge come up with a holiday custody schedule, but that didn't go over well with Dewan.

According to sources close with Dewan, they referred to the act as "grandstanding" because she had already signed off on a schedule. However, according to Tatum's insider, she agreed to some but not all. Due to Dewan's schedule, she's requested some of the dates be moved around and Tatum allegedly has not given his consent to that which is sparking controversy.

Child support is also being said to be an issue. The Magic Mike actor is being accused of not contributing, but on the other hand, the insider says that he has a joint account with community funds that are to cover their daughter's expenses.

Another issues that has come up is their FaceTime calls with Everly. Each parent is suppose to FaceTime with her when she's not with them, but sources are saying that Tatum doesn't allow Dewan to FaceTime her when she's with him, but sources say the opposite, adding that Dewan is so challenging to work with that he just FaceTime's through the Nanny.

While the two are not legally divorced, they are legally single. Tatum quickly moved on after their separation announcement with singer Jessie J, and Dewan recently made her relationship with Steve Kazee public. Kazee and Dewan are expecting their first child together after making the announcement back in September. The cute pair are already sparking engagement rumors after she shared a video of herself on her Instagram stories that showed her wearing a ring on that special finger. It's unclear if the two will be taking the next step but fans also speculated after she and Tatum filed to become legally single.


As for Tatum, he's been back and forth between the states and Europe to be closer to his girlfriend. He also took a break from social media since August, but just before his ex showed off her baby bump on AMA's, he reappeared on social media again.