Jay Ellis, 'Top Gun: Maverick' Star, Just Got Married

Top Gun: Maverick star Jay Ellis is officially a married man. On Monday, Ellis revealed that he wed his girlfriend, Nina Senicar, whom he met in 2015. According to Vogue, the couple got married in Italy, which is where they took their first ever trip together. 

Ellis and Senicar became engaged in January 2019. They were originally set to wed in July 2020 but had to put their plans on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pair attempted to have their wedding in July 2021. However, due to a family loss, they were unable to make that happen. Ultimately, they landed on July 9, 2022 with a wedding set in Tuscany. The couple recounted to Vogue that they went on a road trip in June of 2019 to find a wedding venue and found a perfect one in Villa Mangiacane. 

As Ellis and Senicar explained, they had to do most of their wedding planning over Zoom. Due to their busy schedules, they were only able to travel to Italy once before their big day and spent three days in March tasting food, choosing flowers, and finalizing any last details. Of course, since the pandemic is still an issue, they made sure to work alongside those who could ensure that all of Italy's COVID-19 protocols were followed for their wedding day. The bride and groom both wore Dolce & Gabbana for the wedding and tasked guests with wearing earth tones for the sunset ceremony. Vogue also noted that Ellis and Senicar's 2-year-old daughter Nora, who was the flower girl, "stole the show."


"I am still processing everything, but I am beyond happy that all of our friends got together to celebrate our love," Senicar said about their wedding. "We just really wanted everybody to have a good time and get to know each other. And most importantly, dance. We come from two completely different sides of the world, different cultures, and backgrounds, and it was magical to see how all of that got mixed together in such a beautiful and spontaneous way with the people we love the most." As for Ellis, he said, "After everything that everyone has been through over the last few years to bring over 190 people together for three days in Tuscany and celebrate was surreal. Seeing all of our friends from different parts of our lives together smiling and laughing, connecting, forming their own friendships was such a huge part of what we wanted out of the weekend and the celebration."