Jason Momoa Looking to Romance Demi Moore, Report Claims

The 'Aquaman' star has his eyes on G.I. Jane.

While Demi Moore is focused on being by her ex-husband Bruce Willis' side as his health reportedly declines due to dementia, there's an eligible bachelor looking to show her interest. Less than a month after his divorce from The Cosby Show actress Lisa Bonet was finalized, Radar Online reports Aquaman's Jason Momoa has his eyes on the G.I. Jane staple.

The two reportedly recently saw one another at an industry event and Momoa was enamored with the black-haired beauty. Moore and Momoa were spotted flirting at a screening of the documentary Common Ground in Beverly Hills on January 18. The event took place just a week after Momoa and Bonet finalized their divorce. They announced their split in 2020. But Momoa couldn't keep his eyes off Moore at the recent event, insiders claim. And things may actually progress.

"After they chatted, Jason snagged her number from a mutual friend, and he's been laying it on thick, telling her she's the most gorgeous woman he's ever seen," a source told the National Enquirer. "He's been texting her, saying he hopes she has a day as beautiful as she is. It's super cheesy, but Demi's loving it. He's been begging her for a date and even calling pals who know her, asking them to put in a good word for him," the source added. "The idea of hooking up with Demi is a huge fantasy for Jason," a source told the tabloid publication. "He thinks they would make a great match and says Demi could teach him a lot. And Demi thinks Jason's a hunk," the source noted. "So far, she's playing it very cool, but if he keeps this up it's only a matter of time before she'll crack!"

Moore recently made headlines when she spoke with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show, Bravo Andy. She opened up about her ex-husband, Willis, 68, and his dementia diagnosis. When asked by the Bravo EP and host what advice she had for individuals and families dealing with similar situations for their loved ones, she said it's important to stay in the present.

"I think the most important thing I could share is just to meet them where they're at," Moore, 61, told Cohen. "When you let go of who they've been or who you think they [should be], or who even you would like them to be, you can then really stay in the present and take in the joy and the love that is present and there for all that they are, not all that they're not," she continued.

Moore married Ashton Kutcher years after her divorce from Willis. Willis is currently married to Emma Hemings. Despite their divorce after 11 years of marriage, Moore and Willis have remained close friends and co-parents.