Jane Seymour Opens up About Reuniting With 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman' Co-Star Joe Lando

Jane Seymour recently opened up about her reunion with Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman co-star Joe [...]

Jane Seymour recently opened up about her reunion with Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman co-star Joe Lando, whom she starred with on the Western drama series for six seasons in the 1990s. While speaking to Page Six, Seymor revealed that she and Lando reunited for a new movie, Friendsgiving. "They needed me to be with someone at the end, so I said, 'Well, maybe Joe will come do it.' Joe came for one line, he was doing me a favor and it was great fun."

In Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Seymour played the titular role of Dr. Michaela Quinn-Sully, and Lando played rugged outdoorsman Byron Sully. The two characters sparked a romance and eventually married. Notably, the spark between Dr. Quinn and Sully had a real-life impact, as Seymour and Lando briefly dated while working on the show. However, things between them soured, and they ended up disliking one another so much that they only spoke while filming dialogue.

"It was an absolute waste of time," Seymour told Page Six. "He's apologized a trillion times and I've apologized. The interesting thing is if we had been a happy couple maybe we wouldn't have had that amazing chemistry I see every time I watch one of the shows. There's hot stuff going on there."

She went on to say, "I remember it was very difficult and very painful and a lot of tears were shed. The other side of it is we ended up with a great series." These days, the pair are very good friends.

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Seymour, 69, has been very busy lately. In addition to Friendsgiving, she also has been appearing in Netflix's The Kominsky Method and is currently living in Madrid, where she is playing Leonor de Aquitania for a miniseries about St. Francis of Assisi. Another project that she has out now is The War with Grandpa, a film in which so co-stars with Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Uma Thurman, Cheech Marin and Rob Riggle.

"It's completely insane," Seymour told Page Six of her busy schedule. "My agents, at one point, pointed out to me that I was literally their only client at the time working in any category. I've worked on three projects back-to-back." She added, "I'm just incredibly grateful. I love working, and being stuck in one of the greatest cities in Europe with most of the restaurants and museums open and not many people here, it's quite wonderful."