Iggy Azalea Cuts off Her Hair

Iggy Azalea decided it was time for a change on Friday, and decided to chop several inches of her long bleached blond hair.

"I really just cut all my hair off," Azalea said as she debuted her new look via Instagram Stories.

(Photo: Instagram/@thenewclassic)

The photo came just a day before she posted a photo of a bloody, broken finger nail she received after slipping in the shower on Saturday.

"I literally have no f--ing fingernail," Azalea said while sharing a clip of her nail. "I slipped in the shower. I need a whistle or something. This 'falling [and] I can't get up' shit is no joke."

Azalea has found herself back in the public conversation multiple times in recent weeks, but it hasn't always been for good reasons.

The first incident came in early April when she went on a lengthy Twitter rant about monogamy (she herself being the victim of cheating with fiance Nick Young).

"I just wanna know, why is it we all automatically assume everyone in a relationship; is in a traditional/monogamous relationship?" Azalea wrote. "We should stop assuming that. I guess I'm thinking about the subject because we all talk so much more about sexuality, gender etc. and the ability for those things to be more complex and fluid. But relationships seem to still be assumed to be TRADITIONAL and MONOGAMOUS. Why?"

She followed that up with an interview in GQ weeks later, where she lashed out at her peers in the hip-hop music scene for ignoring her after the success of her 2014 debut album The New Classic.

"Remember [my] success?? Acknowledge it ever? Didn't then? Don't now? Does that surprise me?!" Azalea said. "No, it doesn't surprise me. People would like to pretend I never existed. I don't think they wanted me to be successful to begin with. A-ha-ha-aha."

She also dipped into the hot-button issue of white privilege in the United States.


"The whole privilege thing is a rough conversation," Azalea said. "I understand that in America there is institutionalized racism and there is privilege that comes with the color of your skin. That's real. I grew up in a situation that didn't involve any privilege and I worked really hard. A lot of my childhood is overlooked. People assume they know my life because Australia is a nice beautiful country."

She continued, "It's tough because I want you to acknowledge my work and [to understand] that this wasn't easy but I also don't want to detract from or trivialize any people of colors' position because that's legitimate."