'Home Improvement' Actor Speaks out Against Trump-Bashing Celebrities on Fox News

Former Home Improvement star Zachery Ty Bryan paid a visit to Fox & Friends on Friday, where he [...]

Former Home Improvement star Zachery Ty Bryan paid a visit to Fox & Friends on Friday, where he spoke about Hollywood stars and politics.

Bryan played Brad Taylor on the beloved '90s sitcom, the eldest son of Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) and Jill (Patricia Richardson.) Now 36, the former child star got back on the screen to address the perceived tendency of the entertainment industry to lean left on the political spectrum.

The segment began with an ad starring Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, where the two celebrities encouraged viewers to volunteer for political campaigns in the midterm elections. The video ended with the line "be on the right side of history," to which Bryan and the Fox hosts seemed to take serious offense.

"As an actor, I think one of the first things that you're taught is it's the fans that make you who you are," Bryan said. "And a lot of those fans are watching in Middle America, so it's kind of interesting to me to watch them make it so cut and dry," he said, referring to stars like Bacon and Sedgwick.

Bryan argued that not enough people in the entertainment industry are working hard enough to understand the position of right-leaning politicians and voters. He even suggested that the president's party is being purposefully excluded from the cultural conversation.

"I think we need to try and understand the other side and not just criticize the other side," he said. "And so much of it in my business I feel comes from this elitist perspective, where it's almost like they're better than you. Or at least that's a lot of what I hear from my family down home – and that's kind of frustrating because these are really good hardworking Americans."

Bryan called on celebrities to remember that their job is to "entertain," and to prioritize that over taking political stands or speaking out against the Trump administration's policies. He argued that any political statements from celebrities are a form a narcissism.

"I think there's kind of been this narcissism created now that because you're in the public eye, all of a sudden you know more than the normal Joe Schmoe which just isn't the case," he said.

Bryan has not appeared on camera since 2009, when he starred in the made-for-TV movie Thor: Hammer of the Gods. He has been working as an executive producer since then. He recently helped put together a documentary called BIT X BIT: In Bitcoin We Trust.