Hoda Kotb Says She 'Blacked Out' After Learning Breast Cancer Diagnosis Years Ago

Hoda Kotb is recalling a difficult period in her life. During an interview with E! News, the Today show co-host discussed her battle with breast cancer. While she is now a breast cancer survivor, Kotb opened up about feeling "scared" that she was going to die when she first learned about her diagnosis. 

Kotb was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2007 when she was 43 years old. Understandably, the news left her in a state of shock. She recalled that she "blacked out" when the doctor explained her diagnosis over the phone. The beloved morning show anchor said, "But it hit me like a hammer. I was shocked. We've done a million stories on people who said, 'I didn't think it would be me' and that's how I felt."

At the time, Kotb noted that she was "just scared I was gonna die." Looking back on the situation 15 years later, she wishes that she got checked earlier so that she could get ahead of it. Thankfully, after undergoing a mastectomy and treatment plan, Kotb is now a cancer survivor. After going through such a hard time, she's looking on the bright side. Now, Kotb is fearless and it's helped her live life to the fullest.

"I feel like the world is out there for me and the best years are ahead for me," Kotb said. "The gift of being fearless is amazing because it lets you live. If you're afraid, you're not living. If you're afraid, you're sheltered. If you're afraid, you're staying inside. If you're afraid, you're not meeting somebody. But once you're fearless, you get the whole world." As fans of the Today show personality know, Kotb has been able to cross a major item off of her bucket list since this ordeal — becoming a mother to two daughters, Haley and Hope.

Due to her health issues, Kotb was unable to carry children of her own. But, as she explained to E! News, "God put them in my life at the perfect time." When the timing is right, the news anchor will tell her daughters about her battle with breast cancer. She even explained what she'll say to them when she does, saying, "I'll probably just let them know about it because we get stronger in the broken places and I hope they know that." Kotb added, "They were out there waiting for me. I had to get through that horrible journey first. But they were waiting for me and I was waiting for them and we came together just when we were supposed to."