Heidi Klum's Husband Tom Kaulitz Mourns Mysterious Deaths of Dogs, Questions Foul Play

Heidi Klum, her husband Tom Kaulitz and his twin brother Bill Kaulitz are mourning the loss of their three dogs as they wonder if something more sinister is tied to their unexpected deaths. The supermodel, 49, and Tokio Hotel musician, 33, revealed on Instagram last month that they had lost their German shorthaired pointer named Capper at the age of 15, followed three weeks later by their 4-year-old Irish wolfhound Anton, while Bill revealed the loss of his bulldog Sitch a week ago at the age of 4.

"Forever Loved Forever in our hearts," Klum wrote on Instagram after Capper's passing, followed by her tribute to Anton: "Such a beautiful Day Today. We did not know it would be our last."  Bill wrote on Instagram as a tribute to Stitch, "I will never understand why life took you from me so early, so unexpectedly, so sudden, only days after we lost our Capper, when you were only 4 years old and we both still had so many plans together." He continued, "My heart is broken and miss you more than words could ever say. Thank u for being my home, my fearless and strong protector, for making me laugh and feel joy ever day looking at your little face. I love u so much and will keep u in my heart forever!"

Tom and Bill speculated that something nefarious may be tied to the close deaths of their dogs in Tuesday's episode of their Spotify podcast, Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood. In the podcast, Bill said his bulldog was "perfectly healthy and happy" until he died, and that there were no suspicions he had anything wrong with his health. "He was never sick, never had to go to the doctor. And then, one Sunday, he suddenly collapsed and fell over. I was in shock," he shared.

The brothers admitted they have friends who think the dogs could have been poisoned, while Bill said Stitch was undergoing an autopsy to help get to the bottom of his sudden death. "Sadly, we also had to think about whether it might be the case that everything is connected," he explained, as Tom agreed, "It's so sad that you have to think that there is someone who wants to harm you so much that he kills your animals," asking, "Is there a lunatic out there?"