Heidi Klum Revels in Summer Fun With Topless Outdoor Shower

Supermodel and reality TV show host Heidi Klum took to Instagram to share a video of herself in the shower, but it's not quite what you're expecting.

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In the looping video clip, Klum can be seen rinsing off in an outdoor shower wearing only a pair of bikini bottoms, while a beautiful ocean view sits in the background.

Being careful not to show off anything sensitive, Klum strategically has her hands and arms covering up her chest.

Just a couple of months ago, the 43-year-old German model revealed her new book, Heidi Klum by Rankin, which is a collection of the nude photos she's taken throughout the years.

Speaking to reporters about it, she said, "I figured, 'why not?' Some friends of mine have said, 'Well, you're turning 44…why now?' And I said, 'Why not now?' We should be celebrating a woman's body, it doesn't matter what age they are."

She continued, "I have posed naked before but I've just never showed it to everyone," she said. "I feel more confident now than when I was in my twenties. I think when I was younger I was more shy and I've grown into myself."

The supermodel went on to explain that it's been something she's been doing for years.


"I grew up going to nude beaches with my parents, so I'm a nudist. I have no problems with nudity at all. When I go to the beach, it's in a very remote place where there are not a lot of people, and I like to go topless."