'Good Morning America': Ginger Zee's Husband Lashes out After Finding His Tire Stabbed

Ginger Zee's husband Ben Aaron took to Instagram recently to share an unfortunate situation that he found himself in. The Good Morning America personality's husband told his followers that someone stabbed the tire of his vehicle. While he's not sure who committed the crime, he did say that he was able to get Zee and their two children home safe after discovering that his car was tampered with. Aaron, a fellow New York-based media personality, wed Zee in 2014. They share two children together, sons Adrian and Miles.

Aaron first posted a "shoutout" to the individual who "stabbed" his tire. He posted a photo of the tire in question, which had the hole covered. In his caption for the photo, he wrote that they "thankfully" didn't experience a "blow out" while on the road. Aaron was able to take his family back home safely after phoning for roadside assistance. Although, he did acknowledge one "first" that he experienced amid the situation — writing that he peed "in a water bottle while waiting for a tow truck." He ended the caption by giving a humorous shoutout to his father for showing "coaching" him on how to do that. 

In a subsequent post, Aaron posted a photo of the object that his tire was stabbed with. The object appeared to be small, white, and jagged. While it wasn't too big, it obviously dealt a great deal of damage to Aaron's vehicle. He wrote that he was able to pull the "beauty" out of his tire. Aaron also noted that he learned that Tesla vehicles have been targeted as of late, as many owners have found themselves in similar situations to his. He added that it's unclear why this has been happening.


"All I know is i was fine with the whole situation until I woke up at 3am and realized that this could have been a serious problem if I didn't pull over immediately," Aaron continued. "It could have hurt my family. So to the f— stain that did this, I hope people are a little more kind to you than you were to us." Understandably, Aaron's followers were blown away by the fact that this happened. But, they did express how glad they are that the family was able t make it out of the situation safely. One individual wrote, "Sad world we are living in these days. Thank goodness everyone is OK."