'Full House' Star Bob Saget Speaks out About Lori Loughlin College Admissions Scandal

Bob Saget opened up about his Full House co-star Lori Loughlin's college admission bribery scandal [...]

Bob Saget opened up about his Full House co-star Lori Loughlin's college admission bribery scandal in a new interview on Tuesday, showing loyalty to Aunt Becky.

Saget is standing by Loughlin in the wake of this massive national scandal. During an appearance on the third hour of the Today Show, Saget confirmed that he has spoken to Loughlin recently, joking that communication has been slow since she was charged last month.

"Well, we go by carrier pigeon," Saget said amiably. He went on to show solidarity with Loughlin, commenting as little as possible.

"I will say that I love her and I will say no comment, and that's it," the actor said. "It's a personal thing... It's a strange time."

That was about all Saget seemed to want to say on the subject, though he did joke about it later on in another segment with Al Roker. The two had a wide-ranging interview on Roker's "Cold Cuts" segment, where they talked while making deli sandwiches. When Roker reluctantly brought up the scandal, Saget pretended not to have heard about it.

"I haven't heard about it," the comedian said. "No, I don't follow, I just care about meat."

"What's happened to me, Al, is that I'm in the no-comment world," he went on. "Because it's a... That's where I am."

While Loughlin's alleged bribes have stirred a massive controversy around the country, many viewers respected Saget's choice not to weigh in. In the comments, fans pointed out how hard this must be for him, having worked with Loughlin for decades now.

"People want him to bash Lori so bad," one user wrote. "They're practically family. He wouldn't talk anything negative about her. What do they expect from him when they ask him about the scandal, he was as shocked as all of us were, but he still considers her family."

Saget was on the Today Show to promote his new Redbox film Benjamin. The movie revolves around a family calling an intervention for Benjamin (Max Burkholder), a young man who is doing drugs. The dramedy also stars Rob Corddry, Mary Lynn Rajskub and others.

Meanwhile, with a career like Saget's, there were plenty of other things to talk about. The hosts joked with him about Full House and Fuller House, and Saget predicted that a future series, Fullest House, might feature him in an urn by the window. He also confirmed that he is still close with the Olsen twins, and will even be visiting them during his stay in New York.

Benjamin is available now on Redbox.