Former ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Files Motion in Felony Hit and Run Case

Former Bachelor Chris Soules has filed a motion to dismiss all charges in his felony hit and run case.

Entertainment Tonight reports Soules, who was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident that killed 66-year-old local farmer, Kenneth Mosher, asked the courts to "dismiss all charges" in the hit and run case.

In court documents exclusively obtained by the news agency on Wednesday, one of Soules' attorneys, Gina Messamer, argued he "did all he could before leaving the scene."

"Mr. Soules fully satisfied the purposes of the statute by calling 911, giving his name to dispatch, administering CPR to Mr. Mosher, and staying on the scene until emergency responders arrived," Messamer states in the motion. "Though Mr. Soules was shaken after the accident, he did everything in his power to resuscitate Mr. Mosher."

Messamer goes on to explain that Soules interacted with several other responders whom he recognized from his community and did not attempt to obfuscate his identity. His attorney goes on to state there is also a "constitutional right against self-incrimination," adding that the former ABC reality star was not obligated to return to the scene.

"The only purpose for Mr. Soules to return to the scene or inform law enforcement of his whereabouts would have been to provide law enforcement further opportunity to investigate," Messamer explains, adding the state of Iowa's "return-or-report location" requests violate an individual's privilege against self-incrimination and is "unconstitutional."

"Mr. Soules therefore cannot be held criminally liable for failing to return to the scene," Messamer contends.

This past spring, Soules pleaded not guilty to charges of leaving the scene of an accident causing death. A hearing for his motion is set for Oct. 10 at 1:30 p.m. local time.

Photo credit: Twitter / @usweekly



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