'Family Matters' Star Alleges Sexual Misconduct as a Child Actor

Darius McCrary, who played Eddie Winslow on Family Matters as a child actor, said he was "inappropriately" touched by a Hollywood executive. However, wouldn't give any more details or say when it happened.

"I was inappropriately touched by a Hollywood executive and I'm not gonna tell on nobody," the 41-year-old told TMZ as he was leaving the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills this week.

The cameraman told McCrary he didn't have to name names, but still asked when this allegedly happened to him.

"It just happened when I was a young man," McCrary replied.

"Did this happen on the show Family Matters?" the cameraman asked.

"I'm not gonna say, but that's what it is," McCrary said before questioning the motives of others who have come forward with their own stories of sexual misconduct. "See, I'm not thirsty, so I ain't got to tell you my business because I'm not thirsty."

McCrary's comments were met with a backlash on social media, who saw it as insulting to others who have publicly discussed their own experiences with sexual harassment.


McCrary's comments come after several men accused Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct when they were in their teens. Former child actor Corey Feldman is also raising money to make a documentary about child sex abuse in Hollywood.

McCrary was 13 years old when he first played Eddie Winslow on Family Matters, which ran from 1989 to 1998. He also voiced the character Jazz in Transformers and had a role on The Young and the Restless. He now has a recurring role on Fox's Star.