Eminem Questioned by Secret Service Over Lyrics About Donald Trump and His Family

Eminem was reportedly questioned by the Secret Service over his lyrics about President Donald Trump. The rapper is an outspoken opponent of the president, and has previously claimed that he was visited by the Secret Service over his lyrics and political stances. Now, according to a report by BuzzFeed News, we have proof.

Eminem's newest album, Kamikaze, was released last summer with plenty of fanfare. The opening song, "The Ringer," featured lines about Eminem's run-in with federal law enforcement.

"‘Cause Agent Orange just sent the Secret Service / To meet in person to see if I really think of hurtin’ him / Or ask if I’m linked to terrorists / I said, ‘Only when it comes to ink and lyricists,'" he rapped.

At the time, the Secret Service refused to answer whether than was any truth to this claim, and fans made up their own minds. However, reporter's intent on finding out for sure filed a Freedom of Information Act request, trying to get to the bottom of the whole story.

After more than a year, the Secret Service finally confirmed that they did send agents to meet with Eminem. The agency turned over 40 pages of documents to BuzzFeed News, which showed that they had an on-the-record interview with Eminem, whose legal name is Marshall Mathers.

The agency reportedly sought out the rapper to discuss his "threatening lyrics," particularly those from his song "Framed," which appeared on his album Revival just eight months before Kamikaze dropped. The Secret Service felt that Eminem had been "exhibiting inappropriate behavior" with his political posturing, and that his lyrics "threaten[ed]" the agency's "protectee."

The story gets even more complicated, however, as the documents show that the Secret Service were acting in part on the tip of "a concerned citizen," who had been concerned by the "an inappropriate comment towards President Donald Trump and a threatening comment towards Ivanka Trump" in the lyrics of "Framed."

The documents show that that citizen was an employee of TMZ. The "concerned citizen" reached out via email and included a link to an article about "Framed" published by The Hill.


"I want to know if your agency is investigating Eminem for his threatening lyrics about First daughter Ivanka Trump," they wrote.

Whether this was a request for comment for TMZ coverage or a genuine tip, the Secret Service acted on it, resulting in a real-life meeting for the rapper. Ultimately, the Secret Service decided not to take action against Mathers, the documents show.