Elton John Cancels Sold out Show Minutes Before Showtime Due to Illness

Elton John is sorry for his abrupt show cancellations. The legendary performer canceled his [...]

Elton John is sorry for his abrupt show cancellations. The legendary performer canceled his Tuesday night show in Orlando, Florida nearly half an hour after the show was scheduled to begin, as well as Wednesday's show in Tampa.

Wednesday morning, John released an apology about the cancellations and their late notice.

"We are sincerely sorry to everyone due to attend the shows in Orlando last night and Tampa tonight. Elton has been on a course of antibiotics to combat an ear infection and it was expected that these would clear the infection in time to play the Orlando show," the statement via Twitter read. "Elton had traveled to the venue but after further consultation with doctors before he took the stage, the decision had to be taken on their advice that unfortunately he still wasn't well enough to perform."

"Elton and his band play 100% live and with impaired hearing and ear pain he wouldn't have been able to deliver the performance his fans deserve," the statement continued, revealing that the fans wouldn't miss out completely on their chance to see him live in concert. "He will take a couple of days rest to allow the infection to clear up and both [shows] will be rescheduled as soon as possible."

The 71-year-old is still scheduled to play two sold-out shows in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday and Saturday, as well as his seven other sold-out shows before the end of the year in Alabama, Louisiana and Texas.

Reactions were swift and strong once John announced Tuesday and Wednesday's cancellations.

"Team @eltonjohn - you need to make this right. You wasted the time and money of thousands of people tonight. For me, evening-of cancellations have happened BOTH times I've attempted to see him. Shameful," one fan wrote.

One mother shared a photo of her crying 8-year-old. "I can't believe you canceled an 8pm concert at 8.25pm," she wrote. "No-one could have called that earlier? Seriously? Unbelievable. My 8 year old mega fan is devastated."

"I bought Marissa & I tix to see Elton John in Orlando as an anniversary gift.. This is what the crowd looked like right as the show was to start," one fan tweeted alongside a photo of the arena. "It was cancelled by 'Sir Elton' @ 8:20pm bc he had an ear infection. Never again will I view him the same."

Another used humor to lighten up the situation.

"Tickets: $200. Parking: $20. Drinks: $30. Elton John canceling 22 minutes after show was scheduled to start: priceless," one Twitter user wrote.

Others were more understanding of the musician's predicament.

"Well s—. Elton John's got an ear infection and will have to cancel for tonight and hopefully reschedule for a later date," one attendee wrote. "just my luck, but I hope @eltonofficial feels better soon!"

"Bummer... tonight's SOLD OUT 8pm Elton John concert was cancelled at 8:20pm due to an ear infection. Feel better soon Sir Elton!" one fan said.

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