Duane 'Dog' Chapman Hints at Dating After Admitting He's 'so Lonely' After Death of Wife Beth

Duane "Dog" Chapman is still reeling from the passing of his wife, Beth Chapman. The reality star recently opened up about his loneliness and how he is coping in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. At the same time, he hinted at the future of his dating life, saying he would never remarry.

"It's really hard alone, because as soon as you get alone, bam, it hits you. So, I try not to be alone," Chapman said. He added that he gets support from his family and his co-workers, particularly those on his bounty-hunting team.

"Sometimes they know I gotta be alone, but it hurts worse or you feel it more when you're all alone," he said.

Beth Chapman passed away on June 26, following a prolonged battle with cancer. After beating the disease once, it returned at Stage 4, and she eventually stopped receiving chemotherapy and radio treatments. In his new interview, however, Chapman revealed that his wife never stopped fighting. Not only that, but she insisted on including parts of her cancer battle on their new show, Dog's Most Wanted.

"She goes, 'Listen, I'm showing it, Big Daddy,'" he said. "It wasn't me that wanted to show some of the stuff... Some of the stuff she let them in the room to see, I was completely flabbergasted, and I'd never spoke to her about it because I didn't want to get her upset. But I would stand back and watch behind the camera, when the camera's pointing, and thinking, 'Dear God, I would not do this.'"

"There's no way I would have done that. I would have, you know, 'Rest in peace, see you later,'" he added.

In the interview, Chapman also addressed the rumors that he was dating following his wife's death. He said that it is not true for now, but eventually it may be.

"I walk by all these girls... I said, 'Hey, Mama, I'll make you famous,'" he said. "They're not really my girlfriends. I'm not saying I'm not gonna have one, 'cause I will, [but] I'm not gonna get married."

Chapman even said that he and his wife had conversations about his romantic future before she passed, and she wanted him to be happy. However, she forbade him to get married or to remove her name from the tattoo on his chest.

"There will never be another Mrs. Dog," he said.

With the show's big premiere coming this week, Chapman said that he has decided to try and watch the series himself, even if it brings up painful memories. He intends to watch the whole thing, and he has his "box of Kleenex" ready.

"The cancer thing, I see why victims of tragedies become advocates," he said. "It's an emotional roller coaster ride."

"I did all these heroic things for her because I got loving, physical, kissy-kissy from her, and, 'Big Daddy, I'm so proud of you,'" he recalled. "That's why I was such a nut because I had to impress her... So, I'm still doing that. I'm not gonna jump in front of no train, but I'm still [putting myself out there]."


Fans will now get to see the Chapman family's journey for themselves on TV. Dog's Most Wanted airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America.