Dr. Oz Has Encouraging Message for Wendy Williams After Divorce

Dr. Mehmet Oz is sending his support to Wendy Williams after she filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter, her husband of more than 20-years.

Speaking to Us Weekly while attending HealthCorps' 13th annual gala, the Dr. Oz Show host offered his longtime friend words of encouragement, promising that she will "rise from the ashes" following weeks filled with rumors of infidelity in her marriage.

"Separation from someone you loved and been with a long time is always painful, but [she will rise] from the ashes," he said. "She'll come back up again and it'll happen."

Dr. Oz, whose bond with the Ask Wendy author dates back to when his series premiered in 2009 (a year after The Wendy Williams Show), also addressed the talk show host's ongoing sobriety journey.

"I know how difficult it is to do what she's doing. Going through, first of all, the alcoholism in itself, makes her one of the 25 million people in recovery in America," he said. "I love when people in recovery brag about it 'cause it's real and it lasts. She's a wonderful example of that."

Williams, who married Hunter in 1997, filed for divorce on Thursday, April 11, shortly after she made her return to her daytime talk show following a more than 2-month hiatus. During her return appearance, she revealed that she was staying in a sober living house, though headlines surrounding her sobriety were quickly buried in headlines detailing her husband's alleged affair with Sharina Hudson, whom he reportedly welcomed a child with.

The talk show host's divorce filing came on the heels of weeks-worth of rumors and speculation that her marriage was coming to an end, though she is said to be in an "amazing mood" despite her crumbling relationship.

While hosting The Wendy Williams Show live on Wednesday, she even joked that although recently single, she is perhaps ready to mingle.

"The invitations for social events just keep pouring into my phone. They really do," she told the audience. "I was minding my own business last night, I was reading my book. All of a sudden my cell phone rings, and it's DJ Boof, asking me out for dinner."

"Just at that time, I got a knock at my door — my foie gras and Ting were delivered," she continued. "So I'm like, Boof or food? Both, right."


"I set up my meal while I told Boof, 'I'll see you over the weekend, pick me up on time,'" she continued. "Then I get back to reading my book and my phone rings again. Charlamagne wanted to take me out for dinner."

Williams added that she not has "a double date."