Dove Cameron Reveals Whether She's Open to Returning to the Marvel Universe (Exclusive)

Dove Cameron is one of Hollywood's hottest rising stars, currently seen in the Apple TV+ series [...]

Dove Cameron is one of Hollywood's hottest rising stars, currently seen in the Apple TV+ series Schmigadoon! — a musical comedy that also stars Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key. But with a roster of film and TV treading the more adventurous side, are Marvel movies in her future? After all, the 25-year-old has some experience in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In an exclusive interview with, the multitalented actress revealed if she's open to doing anything more within the Marvel universe, and from the sounds of it, she's all game!

"I can't get them off me," Cameron teased to PopCulture. "I got them beating them down at my door. Yeah. I mean, listen — I'm a huge Marvel geek. That's another thing where that would just be a dream for me. I'm a big action geek, and a big comic book geek and the idea of being a part of any sort of Marvel franchise in any way is something that's highly attractive to me. So if I even have the opportunity, yeah, I would jump at it, sure."

Starting her career in 2016, Cameron appeared in an episode of the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man as the voice of Gwen Stacy/Spider Gwen. She would later go on to voicing Ghost Spider in Marvel Rising: Initiation in 2018 and three Marvel Rising specials in 2019. During that time with voiceover work, Cameron was starring in the Marvel TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D in 2018 as Ruby Hale and appearing in six episodes in Season 5. Her character died in the series, but Marvel could bring her back, whether as Ruby or Gwen Stacy, especially with Disney+'s Loki now opening up the multiverse.

In the meantime, Cameron is focused on Schmigadoon! where she plays the role of Betsy. When describing her character, Cameron said: "Betsy is that sort of traditional trope of most eligible, like she's that kind of the girl in town, pampered up, but she's also that kind of hyper-sexualized, temptress-y... She's in every musical, whether she's the love interest or she's the antagonist, but she's definitely a sort of oversexed farmer's daughter traditional musical trope."

Cameron gained fame when she appeared on the Disney Channel series Liv and Maddie from 2013-2017. She has also appeared in movies such as Barely Lethal and Dumplin but is also an accomplished singer, releasing four soundtrack albums and seven singles. Additionally, Cameron played the role of Mal in three Descendants movies. Playing Betsy in Schmigadoon! is very different from Cameron's previous roles, which is one of the reasons why she signed on to the series.

"My favorite kinds of things are always almost parody or something that is just so outlandishly unrealistic that it becomes heightened ridiculousness, and you don't really get to do that as an actor," Cameron said. "I knew that that was something that was part of this show, as we are basically doing a parody of all of these beloved tropes. I wanted to do that because I thought that that would be educational for me and really, really fun."

For the full interview with the cast, head to our YouTube. Schmigadoon! is now streaming on Apple TV+ with an episode dropping weekly. Head to Apple TV+ for your free 3-month trial. For more on this show and more, stick to for the latest!