Dog the Bounty Hunter's Son Leland's Thanksgiving Post With Wife Revealed

Dog the Bounty Hunter's son, Leland Chapman, spent Thanksgiving surrounded by a ton of love. On Instagram, he even showcased a photo from his holiday for all of his fans to see.

On Thanksgiving, Leland and his wife, Jamie Pilar Chapman, who have been married since 2016, posed for a sweet shot at Joe Wheeler State Park in Alabama. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star kept his caption for the post equally sweet, writing a simple, "Happy Thanksgiving from my wife and I."

Jamie also posted a photo of their celebration on her own Instagram account. In the snap, the couple, donning some bright smiles, can be seen sharing a nice embrace. She captioned the post with, "He makes me smile" along with a few heart-eyed emojis.

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The Chapman family certainly had their hands full during this most recent Thanksgiving thanks to some very unfortunate rumors about the patriarch, Duane Chapman. Rumors previously emerged that claimed that Duane had died by suicide. However, as the family quickly clarified, there was no reason to be alarmed as the bounty hunter was alive and well.

Duane's daughter, Bonnie Chapman, took to her Instagram Story to set the record straight about her father. In a video, Bonnie related that she was stunned by these rumors and told fans not to believe anything that hasn't come directly from her family.

“Hey there, just wanted to make it clear: my dad did not die to suicide, he’s taking a nap right now,” she said in the video filmed on Thanksgiving night. “He’s completely fine. Unless you hear something from me or my family, then it is false.”

Bonnie went on to say that it was “kind of ridiculous” that she would even have to give fans an update like that.

“But I guess this is our lives now,” she added. “Anyways, yes my dad is living and breathing, he’s very much alive, we had a great Thanksgiving dinner and he’s perfectly fine so yeah just wanted to come on here and say that.”


Not only did Bonnie clear things up on her own Instagram, but Duane also wished fans a "Happy Thanksgiving" on his own social media account, which was a big indicator that he was doing alright.

In short, fans shouldn't worry about the reality star, as it sounds like Duane, Bonnie, Leland, and Jamie were all able to have a lovely Thanksgiving.