'Dick Van Dyke Show' Actress Rose Marie's Cause of Death Released

Rose Marie's long-time friend and agent, Harlan Boll, says that the legendary actress's death had to do with "age problems."

Boll was with Marie shortly before she passed away. He explained in an interview with RadarOnline via The Inquisitir that Marie had laid down to rest on Thursday afternoon, and by the time her caregiver checked in on her, she died.

"She had age problems — health issues that come with age," Boll told reporters. "She laid down, her caregiver came in to see if she wanted something to eat, and discovered she had stopped breathing."

"So she laid down and boom! Gone," Boll said.

Marie was 94 years old. She passed peacefully in her Los Angeles home. Though no specific cause of death has been announced yet, Boll confirmed it had to do with age-related ailments.

Marie was a life-long entertainer, though she was likely best known for her time on The Dick Van Dyke Show. She's survived by a daughter, Georgiana Marie, who is devastated by the loss, according to Boll.

"Her daughter is obviously very upset," Boll said. "Her mother passed away yesterday so she's dealing with it. She was very close with her daughter Georgiana, very."

Marie had Georgiana in 1947 with her husband, Bobby Guy. Guy passed away in 1964. Friends of Marie say she dealt with the loss through her work, which included much laughter and jokes, as well as her love of animals.


Boll told reporters that there's no concrete date for a funeral service to honor Marie, though friends and family are already flying into LA in preparation.

"She pretty much accomplished more then any performer I can think of — from Broadway, touring, tv, and film from the age of three," Boll said of his late friend. "She did it all and she did it well."