Daytime Emmys 2019: Judge Judy's Surprise Presenter Revealed to be Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler had the honor of presenting Judge Judy Sheindlin with her lifetime achievement award at the 46th annual Daytime Emmys. The surprise was teased ahead of time and gave many a chance to wonder who could possibly step in to surprise the hard-nosed TV judge.

Some guessed that it might be Samuel L. Jackson due to his longtime friendship with the judge, but in the end it was Poehler that got the honor. And she also got the honor of becoming Judy's new BFF and a "mensch" according to the judge.

It was a special moment and fans online loved it, singing praises for both women while the presentation was happening.

"She sets clear boundaries and does not allow people to humiliate each other, and you better not lie, but if you do and admit it, she will say, 'Good for you!'" Poehler said during her introduction for the TV judge. The Parks & Rec star also noted that people take in her show "after long shifts at work, during breakups and breakdowns, while breastfeeding, while helping their kids with homework," making it more than just a TV show recorded in a few weeks for syndication.

"We all watch because we know that maybe just once something will turn out fair, that two people will come together and work it out in front of a woman who takes them and her job very seriously," Poehler added according to The Hollywood Reporter. "Plus if we stop watching Judge Judy, we'll stop seeing confusing commercials for Bayer aspirin."

Judge Judy showed off her new hairdo while accepting the award and many enjoyed what they saw during the event. Her hair has been turning heads for weeks now, but this special moment marks one of the first times we've seen the doo away from her courtroom studio.

Her speech also turned a few heads, giving people the chance to get a few more bits of wisdom.


"Life has a beginning, a middle and an end. Most of us don't remember the beginning; I'm having an absolute blast in the middle; and if my luck holds, I won't be around for the end," she said on stage to a great applause.