Danny Trejo Pleads For Donal Logue's Daughter's Return In New Video

As Sons of Anarchy and Gotham actor Donal Logue does all he can to ensure the safe return of his daughter Jade, actor Danny Trejo has issued a video statement to help out the cause. In the clip shared on Twitter, the actor urged whoever is with the 16-year-old to drop her off and let her come home.

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"Whoever has Jade, I want to plead with you. Please just drop her off, anywhere. She'll find her way home," Trejo says. "It's gotten a lot bigger than you thought. And I know you don't want to get the people you're dealing with in trouble. So please, just drop her off. There'll be no questions asked."

The clip was shared on both Logue's and Trejo's accounts, with a message for anyone with information to contact the New York Police Department tip-line (800-577-8477).

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The statements mirror Logue's latest remarks on the disappearance. His latest heartfelt message was a plea to whoever is accompanying her or took her against her will to release his daughter.

"Whoever knows where she is, whoever may be with her — clearly this thing has become big and crazy," he wrote on Facebook. "The net has been flung far and wide and luckily, I have dogged teams from the NYPD, FBI and other involved. The point is, you may have had good intentions to help her, but realize that now it's bigger than you could have ever anticipated."


He added, "It's okay. Just drop her off. Let her get back in touch with her mother, Kasey, or me — and we'll take her back, with hugs and no questions asked."

Trejo and Logue are long-time friends and both appeared on Sons of Anarchy.