'The Ranch' Star Danny Masterson Catches Heat for 'Horrible' Tweet

Danny Masterson has outright denied the claims from four different women saying he sexually assaulted them in the early 2000s, and his response to the scandal has stirred up some controversy.

Horrible day for humanity. #EgyptMosqueAttack

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Just last week, news surfaced that his publicist, Jenni Weinman, seemed to justify Masterson's alleged assault against one of the women, Chrissie Bixler, because she "was Danny's girlfriend at the time."

"Well, Chrissie was Danny's girlfriend at the time, so there's really nothing, there's no story there," Weinman said in a call according to the Huffington Post. "They were boyfriend and girlfriend and they dated, and then they f--ked for a year after they broke up, so I don't think that..."

Weinman's justification of Masterson's alleged assaults outraged some on social media, and it looks like The Ranch star and That '70s Show alum hasn't finished making waves. On Saturday, Nov. 25, he shared an image of Egypt's flag in the shape of a heart with the caption, "Horrible day for humanity," referencing Friday's Egypt mosque attack that left 305 dead.

While Masterson disabled the comment section on his Instagram, he also shared the post on Twitter, where plenty of social media users took to drag him.

Others lashed out against the Church of Scientology, which many think Masterson, who is a member of the church, has been using as a crutch against the sexual assault allegations.

On Sunday, Leah Remini, who was a Scientologist for over 30 years and is now one of the most outspoken opponents against the cult, called out LAPD's handling of the allegations against Masterson, claiming that the church and the police are too close to be trusted.

"Scientology is very slick in that it's partnered in this Police Activities League with the Hollywood division," Remini told The Daily Beast. "What it's done is it's aligned itself as per its policies, because there are Scientology policies that say, 'Safe-point yourself to the area police department because then nobody will attack your good works,' so it's all very pointed and calculated."

There are four cases of rape against Masterson, and all allegedly occurred in the early 2000s. The LAPD says they're investigating at least three of these cases.

Masterson denies all the allegations, but not the encounters themselves. He remembers them all and claims they were consensual.


Photo Credit: Greg Gayne / Netflix